This article explores how ink! has most of the features required for usage however the usability of ink! is low.
There are currently no guides on how to use ink! with examples of ERC standards and how these can be customized by users with their own logic. There is also currently, no description of how the contract must be designed, in comparison to Solidity. (Rust doesn’t have full features of OOP, so users must use another pattern during contract implementation).

Supercolony has developed a vision of how analog for OpenZeppelin can be implemented. It will fit perfectly within Rust’s paradigm…

There are no words that can describe how glad we are to gather a superteam of the best professionals, who work with Polka and Substrate under one umbrella.

Brief reminder‼️ Polkadot Ecosystem Hackathon is a competitive, non-stop 2 day coding challenge! The Hackathon was designed to give professionals a challenging event that will stimulate them to finish the first open-source contracts library for ink! through the learning path. Results of the Hackathon will be published and shared with the Polka community in order to impact the Polkadot Ecosystem.

Markian Ivanichok, CEO & Co-Founder at Supercolony

“If you are progressive and…

Applications to our Summer 2021 incubation program are now live. Applicants can submit proposals on our website.

To aid candidates in the application process, we have put together a quick and simple submission guide and provided helpful evaluation hints and tips.The following section is for applicants, or project Founders and CEO’s , who wish to join the Supercolony Incubator.

How to Apply to the Supercolony Incubator

Candidates must compose applications correctly to qualify for the Supercolony Incubator. All mandatory fields are marked with an x; the remaining fields are optional. Future Incubator applicants are encouraged to deliver a concise project description.

Supercolony are searching for imaginative founders with inventive, unique ideas and a strong vision for the Polkadot Ecco-system. Essentially, we hope to see…

Kyiv 19–20 June

Wow what a great event we had this weekend, I managed to sit down, with our very own Supercolony Developer Super Sven, and he gave us the low-down about the fantastic event that just took place.

1.Hi Sven, why did you participate in the Hackathon?

The main reason is to meet great people and network, who are also working with Polka and Substrate. The Supercolony Team was also joined by some cool people from: Applicature, 4Fire , Zokyo and a prize from Parity!

2. How long was the Hackathon on for ? ( time period )


Earlier in the year, we attempted to analogize OpenZeppelin perfectly with Rust’s paradigm, enabling users to import contracts implemented by another user without problems and reuse the code. But we faced a challenge. Due to ink! low usability, and the fact that although ink! has guides on how to create your own ERC20, there is currently no library that can provide base implementations of ERC20 and how they can be imported/reused when customizing their own logic. At the moment, this kind of library is proving hard to create because of ink! Is not ready for that.

We took it upon…

A Collaboration with Polar Fox: Optimizing “The Graph” by 10x to Handle Significant Transaction Volumes on BSC

PancakeSwap is easily the largest project on Binance Smart Chain today. It is a DEX that allows users to trade tokens, add liquidity to pools, and provide yield farming activities — all in a trustless manner. As a fork of Uniswap but deployed on the booming BSC network, PancakeSwap used “The Graph” (GRT) to index events from smart contracts. For context, The Graph is an indexing protocol used to query networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, IPFS, etc. …


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