A Quick Guide Applying to the Supercolony Incubator.

Applications to our Summer 2021 incubation program are now live. Applicants can submit proposals on our website.

To aid candidates in the application process, we have put together a quick and simple submission guide and provided helpful evaluation hints and tips.The following section is for applicants, or project Founders and CEO’s , who wish to join the Supercolony Incubator.

How to Apply to the Supercolony Incubator

Candidates must compose applications correctly to qualify for the Supercolony Incubator. All mandatory fields are marked with an x; the remaining fields are optional. Future Incubator applicants are encouraged to deliver a concise project description.

Supercolony are searching for imaginative founders with inventive, unique ideas and a strong vision for the Polkadot Ecco-system. Essentially, we hope to see ideas that sound out of this world ! There are no right or wrong answers, so please be honest and concise in your responses.

We are considering Polkadot projects at every stage, so it doesn’t matter if you have a community and are close to launching or still in the idea stage or beta stage.

“ I am interested in transforming the blockchain ecosystem. In addition to my vision for the future coupled with my bringing the best out of individuals, I work with!”

Markian Ivanichok - Founder of Supercolony

Supercolony expects to review dozens of submissions, so applicants should ensure their proposals stand out. Applicants should state a clear and concise purpose in the first sentence, using the simplest terms possible.

Our evaluation team first reviews the Project Description to vet, judge and screen applications. It is not the most important metric, but it allows our evaluation team to streamline the review process.

It could be a description of any potential blockchain project. What do you plan to create? A Polkadot decentralized exchange? Polkadot NFT marketplace? A completely novel project?

A good answer would look like this:

We want to create a Polkadot Exchange that looks to take the best parts of centralized exchange like Binance and decentralized exchange platform like Uniswap, and wrap these up into a holistic solution that preserves self-sovereignty of funds and security while providing an intuitive trading experience.

With this response, our evaluators are not yet convinced that it will be the next potential Polkadex, but they can engage with it. It causes them to contemplate what the idea could become.

We understand all start-ups have different requirements and challenges, if your company has any significant pain points or you need acceleration in a specific area, please tick the the appropriate boxes.

Our deep experience in blockchain engineering, playbooks, capital, and resources help to increase the plausibility of success.

The simple advice we would give to all applicants: help us out. Investors in blockchain are extremely optimistic in their nature. The Supercolony team wants to believe your idea is out of this world and most importantly viable !

Like all investors, we want to believe in and help create your vision. If there’s something about your idea that’s unique, or some distinct insight you have into the project you plan to work on, make sure we see that !

We look forward to receiving your application and contacting you to discuss how we can accelerate your project!


About Supercolony

SuperColony operates as a DAO venture studio designing and building companies by bringing together experienced blockchain talent, resources, and capital to compress time, iterate quickly and scale more ambitiously than would otherwise be possible.

We connect founders to all of the necessary partners to achieve success in today’s crypto ecosystem. We have aligned ourselves with partners in every major crypto geography, including traditional trading firms, VC’s, legal/compliance experts, marketing and pr firms, launchpads, and security auditors.


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