Polkadot Ecosystem Hackathon: Developer Interview with Supercolony’s Super Sven.

Kyiv 19–20 June

Wow what a great event we had this weekend, I managed to sit down, with our very own Supercolony Developer Super Sven, and he gave us the low-down about the fantastic event that just took place.

1.Hi Sven, why did you participate in the Hackathon?

The main reason is to meet great people and network, who are also working with Polka and Substrate. The Supercolony Team was also joined by some cool people from: Applicature, 4Fire , Zokyo and a prize from Parity!

2. How long was the Hackathon on for ? ( time period )

36 hours in total it was a real test of endurance, however it is made comfortable by being in an ambient and spacious country house outside Kyiv with a cool pool !

3.What was the goal?

Our main goal was to brainstorm and hopefully resolve a couple of ink! issues. This would help us to finish our first open-source contracts library for ink! and make smart contracts developing easier. Supercolony will be sharing and publishing our results to benefit the Polkadot Ecosystem.

4. Was there a game plan going into the Hackathon?

The plan is to designate the most important issues, sort them and try to resolve them.

5.What was the best thing apart from the prize money ?

Spending and enjoying time with smart people, who are also passionate about blockchains. I always acquire more knowledge and love solving complex problems with a group.

6. What do you keep in your bag for a Hackathon ?

My Mac with charger and raw Pu-erh tuocha, which is my charge. I also have a book. Currently I’m enjoying The three-body problem Cixin Liu and Cosmos Carl Sagan. I’m taking a ‘breather’ from tech books at the moment.

7. Do you listen to music during the event ? What tunes ?

Classical piano — Chopin, Debussy

8. What’s your fuel ?

Food, especially Chocolate and drinks: Redbull and Pu-erh tuocha. I always take my yixing teapot on any trip!

9. If you could organize another blockchain hackathon what would it be about ?

I am always studying and thinking about the big picture. It would be great to try to develop dApp on substrate which contributes to solving a major business problem!

10 What is the biggest challenge with Polkadot ?

It hasn’t fully launched yet, so we’ll see. But I think Polkadot currently has a smaller community than Ethereum, so one of the problems is ‘recognizability.’ However it’s being solved by developing projects on parachains.

Final Worlds from The Sven

The Polkadot ecosystem is just gaining momentum, so our work may become prominent, which will allow our team to influence the ecosystem. The contract library may help a lot for developing ink! smart contracts, like OpenZeppelin did for Solidity ecosystem.

Thank you Sven for the low-down and preview of what is coming up from the team, we’re glad you contributed to such an outstanding event.

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