Polkadot Ecosystem Hackathon: post-event reflection

There are no words that can describe how glad we are to gather a superteam of the best professionals, who work with Polka and Substrate under one umbrella.

Brief reminder‼️ Polkadot Ecosystem Hackathon is a competitive, non-stop 2 day coding challenge! The Hackathon was designed to give professionals a challenging event that will stimulate them to finish the first open-source contracts library for ink! through the learning path. Results of the Hackathon will be published and shared with the Polka community in order to impact the Polkadot Ecosystem.

Markian Ivanichok, CEO & Co-Founder at Supercolony

“If you are progressive and initiative, and you are ready to make contributions, then we are waiting for you!”

To plunge into the atmosphere of the Hackathon we invite you to watch the video recording from the event. Enjoy!

We would like to thank Applicature, 4Fire, Zokyo who joined the Polkadot Ecosystem Hackathon and Parity who awarded the winners with prizes! We can proudly say we work with the top tier professionals in the industry!

Ian Arden, Co-Founder of Supercolony

“ It’s a separate adsy dedicated to the Polkadot, and religious about it. Supercolony has an output of its own version of the industry standards, templates of many solutions that is called OpenBrush

Hartej Sawney, Founder of Zokyo Ventures, Partner at Supercolony

“Having our company based in Ukraine, we have a unique advantage to have access to world class blockchain engineering talents that were fostering the growth from the ground up.”

Olesia Arkhipova, Strategic Advisor of Supercolony

“Supercolony is a company of the year 2025, but not of 2021. It’s a company of the future, it’s a culture of the future. It’s more than IT, it’s about changes in the whole world”

About Supercolony

SuperColony operates as a DAO venture studio designing and building companies by bringing together experienced blockchain talent, resources, and capital to compress time, iterate quickly and scale more ambitiously than would otherwise be possible.

We connect founders to all of the necessary partners to achieve success in today’s crypto ecosystem. We have aligned ourselves with partners in every major crypto geography, including traditional trading firms, VC’s, legal/compliance experts, marketing and pr firms, launchpads, and security auditors.

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